Vegas Escorts

Las Vegas Sex

Who doesn’t come to Las Vegas wanting sex? We’ve never heard of such a thing. Vegas is known as “Sin City” for all the obvious reasons- SEX being one of them. While paying for sex in Las Vegas is illegal, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a girl at a club, restaurant, bar, or just walking down The Strip who is just as horny as you are and willing to have sex without any exchange of money.

Here are some tips for getting laid in Las Vegas:
1. This is the first rule because it’s the most important! ALWAYS bring a condom everywhere you go in Vegas. ALWAYS! Safety first!
2. Dress to impress. Girls wait all year or even multiple years or even their whole entire lives to come to Las Vegas and get dressed up to go out and flash their sexy bodies around The Strip, the clubs and the pool parties. So it’s pretty obvious that guys should do the same. Girls are horny too, but they want guys who are hot and sexy just like them and guys who make it look like they made an effort to get laid.
3. Be an alpha male. Don’t be that guy in the corner waiting for a girl to come to you. Make the first move and show her that you’re the dominant one of the crowd.
4. Make it about her. Ask her questions about herself, but don’t get too personal as it will make her uncomfortable. Girls love talking about themselves, but make sure it’s something interesting.
5. Find a common interest. Once you’re in question mode, ask questions related to things you enjoy doing and see if she has any similar interests. Once you find a similar interest you’re golden!

So you’re still horny and haven’t found the right girl willing to go back to your hotel with you? Well, book a stripper direct to your room and watch her get naked right in front of your eyes! Want the soft touch of a sexy girl giving you a massage? No problem. Give us a call and we’ll send a hot girl to give you a massage right away! Want to watch two girls get naked in front of you? YES, we said TWO! That’s right, give us a call and we can send two girls to strip for you so that you can watch two hot and sexy Las Vegas girls get naked and play right in front of you. Just remember, no touching!