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Where the hookers at? That’s what you’ll hear if you happen to be walking down Las Vegas Boulevard, aka “The Strip” around 4 in the morning after all the drunk guys are walking back to their hotel from the club. It’s 4:00 AM and Vegas is still roaring and alive like any other time of the day. The streets seem quite a bit more empty than usual, but the people are out, albeit mostly drunk people. It’s that time when guys are feeling super horny after they couldn’t get a girl to come back with them from the club. So what to do? Call a Las Vegas hooker? But how would one go about calling a hooker in Vegas in the middle of the night? Well, don’t ask us because we only offer escorts because hookers get paid to have sex, while escorts get paid to hang out, go on dates, and have fun. Escorts cannot accept money for sex, so just remember that! Want a stripper? No problem! Want a massage? No problem! Want a hot date for the night? No problem! We got you covered!

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