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Nina is the kind of girl who can make you look classy or be casual. She can be flirty and sexy, or she can be more sophisticated. She knows that she has a great body, and she’s happiest when she is pleasing men. “Every man has a fantasy of some kind. They’re all different. So the first part of meeting every new client, for me, is talking to a guy about his fantasies. What does he dream about? He’s got a blond bombshell on his arm for the night, so what he is going to do to take advantage of that fact? I’ve been to high school reunions with my dates. I’ve been to business meetings. I’ve watched the look of pride on my guy’s face as he shows me off to the others who are there. And I’ve also exchanged knowing smiles with other Vegas escorts I’ve met in the industry as we encounter each other at these functions.” Nina goes on, “Vegas escorts are a select group of girls. We tend to be able to spot each other. I think we also have a good deal of respect for each other.”


Age 21
Height 5’6″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Working in this industry has been a tremendous gift to Nina, who understands that not everyone has the advantages she enjoys. “I have plenty of money, I have plenty of free time, and most importantly, I have freedom,” she says. “How many people do you know who are trapped in office jobs they will never leave? What stops them from leaving? Nobody puts a gun to your head and tells you that you have to work there. But we get scared. It’s lack of courage that keeps us in jobs that make us feel trapped, jobs that we hate. We don’t break out of the cycle because we figure we’ll never be able to pay the rent otherwise. We’ll collapse. We’ll end up homeless. We’ll be ruined. But the fact is, there isn’t a person alive who isn’t fully capable of staying ahead of that. You ought to be able to follow your dreams. If you hate that office job, leave it. You’ll find another way, and at least you won’t be trapped behind that awful desk.”

Nina goes on, “The problems of the world, so many of them, are caused by lack of courage,” she says. “I think that’s why we as people, and especially as women, value courage so much. We look on admiringly when a man gets the courage to go out to a woman. We believe strongly in heroes who have courage. We all wish for more of it ourselves. And courage is what gives us the strength to follow our dreams even in the face of uncertainty. I think of all of those things, that’s the most important one. I wish more people would follow their dreams. Sure, you’ll fail sometimes… but who doesn’t? The only shame in failure is in failing to learn from it. At least, that’s what I read somewhere. I forget where. And what do I know?”

Nina is a party girl who has embraced the lifestyle of a Vegas escort. “I think it’s because it’s so in the moment,” she says. “When you decide to go to a party, that’s the only thing you’re thinking about. You’re not thinking about your job. You’re not thinking about your problems. You’re not worrying about your day to day life at all. You’re thinking, ‘I’m going to go party, and it’s going to be great, and I’m going to have a good time.’ I think we if we all partied more, if we all just took that break from life to cut loose and feel good and not worry about things, we would all be a lot happier as people. It sounds so trite, I know, but if we all just eased back from life, took the time to unplug and unwind, I think we would all be better off. We’d certainly be happier. So much of your life is stress and worry. Why not just live a little and let all that go? I mean, what have you got to lose, except a lot of stress and worry that you don’t really want in the first place? That’s how I see it, anyway. I don’t pretend to know everything.”

When she’s hope just spending some quiet, intimate time with someone, Ninja likes to wear her boyfriends’ shirts. “There’s something so sexy about occupying the shirt that my lover was wearing,” she says. “I love to smell him on it. I love to know that we’ve been that close. It also doesn’t hurt that I know I’m devastatingly sexy when I’m doing things like that. Most men absolutely can’t resist it when you wear their shirts. It’s like they’ve planted a flag of conquest on you. And knowing you’re naked under just that shirt certainly doesn’t hurt. I’ve had many a morning that turned into morning sex because I wore his shirt and he couldn’t help himself after he saw me in it. I end up bringing home more shirts that way…”

Nina loves to spend time at the beach in nothing but a micro string bikini. “The people who make bathing suits have really been helping me out,” she says. “They’re making the suits smaller and smaller every year. Every year they get tinier and tinier, and every year I get sexier and sexier. Pretty soon it’s just going to be a bunch of dental floss in different colors. I love being able to strut my stuff on the beach, wearing a bathing suit that barely covers my nipples and my crotch. The smoking hot effect of all that on the people who see me is just amazing. It always boost my confidence to walk around like that. It may make me a naughty girl, but I am okay with indulging my naughty side. I think we should try to be more in touch with that part of ourselves.”