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Mary is an exotic beauty who understands that men consider her a catch and a prize. “I would be foolish to deny the kind of power I have,” she admits. “I am a beautiful woman and I am completely okay with that. After all, every woman wants to believe she is attractive. I love to know that when men are looking at me, they are fantasizing about me. They are thinking about what it would be like to run their hands all over my body and to have their way with me. They won’t act on it unless I give them my say so, and that’s probably the best part of it all, knowing that I have the power of yes and know. I am also very proud of my body. I like to run my hands over it, feel my curves and my taut muscles, and think about what my man must be thinking about. I like to rub up against him and give him a little show, make him realize that when he’s with me, he’s getting the whole package. I want him to feel like he’s the king of the world and I am his sexy, beautiful, Las Vegas escort, there to please him and turn him on and make him feel like the only man there. And that’s how I treat anyone I’m with. That’s the full service package that I provide.”


Age 21
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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She goes on, “It’s very simple with me. When you are with me, I will make sure that you feel like the king. I want you to want me. I want you to desire me. And I will make sure that no matter what your fantasy, you get your money’s worth. Now, if I’m not the girl you pick, if there’s somebody else that you think would be a better match for you, that’s okay. But if you go out with me, I will show you what sexy truly is. I will put on my tightest, tiniest dress, and I will hit the town with you smoking hot. I want to be as devastating, as stunning, as I can possibly be, because I want us to be the center of attention. I want everyone’s eyes on me. I want to feel sexy and blazing hot and the center of all the desire in the room. That isn’t just focused on me, but on you, because you’re with me. You’ll be amazed at how that kind of attention feels.”

Mary loves to do tantric yoga and has been known to do it naked. She realizes that a lot of people don’t really understand either yoga or tantra, but that doesn’t really come as a surprise to her. “I think most of us are naturally just curious about it,” she says. “I see yoga, and especially tantric yoga, as a way of squeezing the absolute best results out of my body. That type of conditioning and improvement allows me to really get the most out of any physical activity that I do, and of course you can just imagine what some of those activities might amount to. It’s not just a collection of silly postures, and it’s not just a way of being flexible. Sure, it will make you more flexible, but it will also preserve your range of motion, help you keep your body sound as you grow older. That’s really important to me. I don’t just want to be sleek and sexy. I want to be sleek and sexy into my old age.”

“You naturally lose flexibility as you get older,” she admits. “Things get harder. I want to enjoy my life for as many years as I can. I want to prolong my sexual prime, and my sexuality, and my desirable body, for as long as I possibly can. When you have something as sexy as a body like mine, you naturally want to preserve it. You want to keep it looking great. And most of all I want always to be able to bend, flex, and twist my body. I want to know I have the strength and muscle tone to wrap my legs around my lover, or to get down on my hands and knees for him, or to be able to ride him from on top or do any of the countless other things that I can do right now that I am young and flexible.”

Tantric yoga, for Mary, has given her a kind of roadmap to longer beauty. “I am just keeping the faith,” she says. “I want to feel young and beautiful because it makes me more sexy. The sexier you feel, the sexier you are. The more you can enjoy your own body, the better you are able to enjoy the bodies of others. And the more young and beautiful I feel, the better I can please any man I’m with. I don’t know what I would do with myself if I couldn’t be pleasing a man. I just adore men, and I want to do the best job of it possible.”

Resisting body shaming and maintaining a positive image is very important to Mary, who thinks our culture of shaming does us no favors. “There is nothing to be ashamed about where our naked bodies are concerned,” she says. “We need to stop covering up and acting like we are doing something dirty. We’re not. Our bodies are entirely natural and we should be enjoying them more. If we could just let go of our inhibitions and embrace this one simple fact, we would all be a lot happier. We are all sexual creatures. It doesn’t make sense to try to suppress that and deny it.”

She adds, “We must embrace our sexuality and be open and honest because this is the path to happiness. I want to be happy above all… but if I can do that with someone else then I am that much happier. That’s the path that I’m on. I’m staying.”