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Marcie is a self-described shopaholic who loves to buy clothes and loves to make her own clothes, too. “I am a clothes horse, certainly,” she says. “But I also like to make my own clothes because that allows me to tailor them to my body. I like my clothes to cling to all of my curves in just the right way. It isn’t just that they’re tight, although some of them are. When your clothes are tailored to your body, they show off everything you have naturally. So whenever possible I like to make sure my clothes are made specifically for me. I make them to show off what I’ve got. I adore my body and I like to make people excited. When I know my body has turned a man on, there’s a special little feeling of success that I get. He’s been stimulated and excited by me, by who I am. Probably he is thinking about what it would be like to be with me. Knowing you are the star of someone’s personal fantasy is very fulfilling and flattering.


Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Marcie also likes to be as sexy as she can be when she goes out shopping. “You can’t just go out shopping wearing any old thing,” she says. “You have to do it knowing that at any moment, someone could see you who you care about, someone whose opinion matters. When I’m out I like to drip sex everywhere I go. I like to just be dressed to the nines. But it’s all about image. It’s all about holding your own against the passage of time, too. I think some people just give up. They don’t have the right attitude. They’re not in it for the long haul.”

Marcie loves to turn heads. “I love to go out with someone all sexed up and looking great. I like to leave very little to the imagination, but at the same time, I don’t want to just give away the store. I don’t want to feel like I’m walking around nude. I want him to look at everything I don’t show him and get all hot and bothered because of what he can see. I like to show a lot of leg, a lot of cleavage. I like backless dresses. I like to show off my stomach. A sexy girl has her definite ways. What I really enjoy, though, is the reaction I get from the men I’m not going out with. When my date and I stroll into a club, or into a restaurant, or just down the street, I watch. I notice. When a man is checking me out but doesn’t want his wife or his girlfriend to catch him at it, I notice that. When a guy’s eyes follow me from across the room, or his head snaps around like it’s on a swivel when I pass by, I notice all of that, too. It’s great for your self-esteem to realize that people are checking out, sure, but it’s great for you client, too. When I’m with a man, he gets to feel like he’s a rock star. He gets to know that every man who sees him wishes he was able to trade places. How often do you get a cool sensation like that? How often can you have that ego boost?”

“I love that my body gets so much attention,” she admits. “I love that men look at me and they get all flustered by my presence. There is something pretty amazing about being a woman with a body like mine, and that’s never very far from my mind. When You have the power to knock a man off his game just by looking like I do, then that stays with you. That makes you the sort of sexy lady that everyone wants to get with. It’s the kind of thing that every man dreams about and every woman gets jealous of. I love to look at my own naked body in the mirror and admire my curves. And I love knowing that when a man does that, I can command his full attention. I can fill his mind with images of nothing but me. Can you imagine, making someone so obsessed with just your appearance that they can think of nothing else? That’s the power of, not just a sexy body, but of a sexy presence. I know I have presence. I know I am the sort of girl men want to get with. It’s what helps make me a great Las Vegas escort.”

As for that long haul, Marcie knows that some people can hack the lifestyle of a Vegas escort, and some can’t. “This party girl thing is not for just anyone,” she says. “I’ve seen girls come and go over the time I’ve been here. And I haven’t been here for all that long, honestly. It’s always interesting to see who flourishes in the party lifestyle, and who wilts like flowers that are days old. I think you would be shocked if you tried to predict it. I have gotten to the point where I can see the personality signs, but without my direct experience in the industry, I wouldn’t necessarily be able to predict either.”

She adds, “It’s a funny thing to finally get everything you want. ‘Here you go, your whole job is to have fun now. The only thing is, you can’t stop having fun.’ Do you think you could hack that if somebody told you that? Well, I don’t have to wonder. I know it worked out okay for me because I’m doing it. But there are lots of people out there who will never know the answer. And as a result they will never know true freedom. I think that, most of all, is kind of sad. But it’s also none of my business. You can’t save the whole world from itself. You can only do your best and try to make it better. Take that extra effort.”