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Lori believes there is something of an art to finding the perfectly short skirt. She loves her body, including her legs and her rear end. She likes to wear clothing that shows these off, so she considers herself to be on something of a mission to find the tiniest, tightest, sexiest skirt that she can find. She loves the idea of that tiny skirt just climbing up her body, inching its way up giving everybody around her a show.


Age 20
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“When I dress to impress,” she says, “I want my clothes clinging to me like every single curve has that dress painted on it. Have you ever seen naked women covered in body paint that looks like clothes? That’s how tight I want my outfit to be, and that’s the effect I want to achieve. When I am out with a client, I want to be as devastatingly sexy as I can possibly manage to make myself. The most important thing that a woman can do in the world is make herself sexy. You can have any amount of skill and wealth in this world, but you can never turn someone on if you aren’t sexy. Even money by itself won’t do it. Sexiness, being hot, is its own kind of power. I think more women need to recognize that they have this ability and just, you know, embrace it. Because if they can’t, what’s the point in being a super smoking hot woman at all?”

Lori adds, “I don’t apologize for having big dreams. You’ve got to grab what you want in life. Nobody is going to hand you anything. Nobody has any responsibility to show you any charity. If you want to move ahead in life, if you want to make something of yourself, you’ve got to push forward. You’ve got to reach out for that brass ring and take it. Every day, when I wake up, whether I wake up alone or with someone, my first thought is always this: What do I want to accomplish today? And then I ask myself, what do I need to do to get there? Because if I don’t do it, nobody’s going to do it for me. Is it somehow wrong to have that ambition? I certainly don’t think so. In fact, I think we are all defined by how well we choose our goals and whether we go after them. Do you want to look back and see a list of failures and regrets over things you didn’t do? Or do you want to look back on your life and see the list of things you wanted and went for? Give me the second option any day.”

Lori’s empowering attitude is not about complaining and not about trying to find a different place in the world, but about placing yourself and then adjusting to your surroundings. “You want to get what you want, and you want to achieve your goals, you have to say to yourself that only you can do it,” she says proudly. “You are the master of your fate. You’ve got to be the boss. If I wake up today and my goal is to be the most popular Las Vegas escort in the city, well, that’s up to me to achieve. Nobody’s going to do it for me. And why would they? Everybody has their own dreams and goals. Everybody has their own challenges.”

Lori adds, “Remembering that not everyone is always going to be on the same page as you is also very important,” she says. “It’s not enough to remember that we all have dreams and goals. You have to keep in mind that everyone has different dreams and goals. They are sometimes going to conflict with yours, and then you have an opportunity either to make a friend or create an enemy. I believe very strongly in making as many friends as possible. If another escort and I both want to be the best, the most sexy, the most beautiful, we can’t both have that goal. But what we can each do is acknowledge that each of us is giving one hundred and ten percent.”

Lori is very honest about her ability to use her sexuality to get what she wants. “Don’t you hate when women complain about not being taken seriously because they are gorgeous? Like it’s this terrible burden to be a beautiful woman. Never for even a second should you buy into that line of nonsense. Being beautiful makes the whole world easier for you. Men bend over backwards to give you things that you want. They want to please you. They want to be near you. A kind word from you, a smile, a shake of your rump, and they’ll do anything you want. You could literally lead them anywhere. Are you going to tell me that kind of power is a bad thing? I refuse to believe it. I think it would be crazy to buy into that idea.”

Lori goes on, “That’s why I also have no patience for these girls who play at being bisexual. They know the power that two beautiful women have when they engage in forbidden love. Men, since the dawn of time, have enjoyed watching that kind of thing, but only when the women are attractive. Well, who wouldn’t? Women are sensual and sexy and soft and wonderful. They are supple in all the right places. Every man loves to see two hot women make out. And I will admit to having tried it. The feeling of another woman’s lips on yours, or on your body… there’s nothing like it in the world. But if you’re just going to play at it, well just leave it at the door, honey. Nobody needs your play acting. It doesn’t help anyone.”

Lori instead believes in simply being honest about what you desire. “Just take what you want,” she says. “Tell a man what you like. Give him a clear signal. Don’t rely on hints.”