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Layla loves dancing more than anything else, and she is quick to admit it. “I like to just completely throw away all my cares,” she says. “I probably am not the world’s greatest dancer, although if you focus on being sexy when you dance, you can’t really go wrong.” She laughs a bit and goes on, “The thing about dancing is that you can just focus on the music. You think about the rhythm and the beat. You think about how you feel. Well, know, you aren’t really thinking at all. You’re feeling. You’re feeling your way along the song. Have you ever been on a dance floor in a club, like one of those electronic clubs, where the music is so loud it makes your chest vibrate? That’s not just music you can hear. It’s music you can feel. I like to feel the music rock me. I like to feel like it’s holding me in its hand, you know, enveloping me. And then I move and sway to the beat and nothing bad in the world can touch me. There’s no stress, there’s no anxiety, there are no family problems. There’s just me and the music.”


Age 24
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Layla also loves to have casual fun. She believes it reduces stress. “Nobody should live with too much stress,” she says. “That’s why it’s so important that people know there is no unnecessary drama, no strings, nothing to get in the way of a good time, when you go out with me. I love what I do. I love dating. I love that my life’s one long party. That’s the lifestyle I’ve chosen. So I always let the people I’m with know that it’s completely casual, with no expectations. When you put your expectations on somebody, you just close them into a little box and make them try to be as you see them. But everybody’s different. Everybody seems themselves a certain way. If you try to force somebody to be who you want them to be, instead of who they really are, you just make them uncomfortable or anxious. Or worse, you could actually make them miserable. That’s why relationships between people who are trying to change each other just don’t work. Everybody’s trying to force something. It’s a fun killer. And when the fun comes out of a relationship, it’s over for everybody. It never has a chance to grow. The stress just stomps it out of being before it can go anywhere.”

Layla loves that she can be different things to different clients in different situations. “I can take my cues from the person I’m with. If he wants to keep it light and fun and flirty, that’s fine with me. If he wants it to be a little more serious, I’ll be happy to talk to him on that level too. If I guy wants to go out with his friends and wants me on his arm to make him look good, I’m happy to do that. Heck, if he’s trying to get his parents off his back and wants them to think he’s met a nice girl, that’s his business. If he wants to impress his buddies, that’s his business too, and I love being sexy for someone showing his male friends how well he’s done for himself. What’s important is just that my date is happy and gets what he wants.”

Coming back to dancing, Layla admits that dancing alone is not nearly as much fun as dancing with someone else. “When you dance with someone,” she says, “they introduce things you can’t predict. You can work with that, feed off it. You can enjoy yourself more when it’s not just you and the same moves you know. Following someone else onto the dance floor, taking your cues from them… that’s really fun and, if done right, it’s really intimate too. Establishing an intimate connection with someone is what makes dating fun. Intimacy doesn’t mean complicated. It doesn’t mean strings. It doesn’t mean stress or expectations. It just means, for even a little while, being close to someone and enjoying them thoroughly. That’s what makes this lifestyle so much fun. You get to be close to a lot of people that you meet, and you get to enjoy every day. Not a lot of people can say they wake up each day looking forward to going to ‘work.’ It’s not work if you enjoy every minute of it.”

“I really am a professional entertainer,” she says. “That is a big deal. It means a lot. I like to put the emphasis on both the professional and the entertainer because they’re both very important. I am a professional, which means I will treat you with discretion and respect. I will give you that courtesy. And I am an entertainer, which means I will make you have a good time. I don’t mean make as in force you. I mean make as in make things happen. I will clear the way for your pleasure and for your enjoyment. I will make sure you get what you want. As a professional entertainer, I am the sort of person who can give you the experience of a lifetime. When you come to the city you are looking to make memories, and I understand just how important that is.”

For Layla, part of being a professional entertainer is being willing, at the drop of a hat, to take on any spontaneous new challenge. “No matter where you go in life,” she says, “you will be presented with new and fascinating opportunities. When that happens you need to embrace them. An opportunity missed, an opportunity wasted, is one you will never get back. You’ll go your whole life kicking yourself if you do that. Don’t ever live in that kind of regret. Just tell yourself that when a spontaneous opportunity comes along, you’ll embrace it. Don’t let doubt or fear stay your hand or delay you. Just go do it.”