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Kathy is a firm believer in the superiority of Las Vegas escorts when it comes to female companionship. “The old way of dating is obsolete,” she says. “It doesn’t help a man get what he wants. He wants female companionship, but traditional dating only rarely provides that. A man is much better off with a professional entertainer. She is highly trained and will treat you with respect. She will always bear in mind that her job hinges on making sure you are having a good time. I know when I am with a client, that is all I am thinking about. But more importantly, I know not to bring any of my own baggage to my time with my client. I won’t bring any drama to your doorstep. I’ll never criticize you. I only want to make you happy, which is why you booked a Las Vegas escort in the first place. Going out with me makes the old fashioned, red-tape-covered process of dating seem very much obsolete indeed.”


Age 22
Height 5’8″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“That’s because it is obsolete,” she goes on. There is no need ever to put yourself through trying to find a female companion the old fashioned way when you can instead do it simply by contacting us. My fellow Vegas escorts and I, we carve out all the red tape, all that is not desirable in more conventional, traditional dating, and allow you to get straight to the good part of being with me. You in turn get the company of a stunning young woman like me, someone more beautiful and more sexy than anyone you are likely to have come across in your ‘normal’ life. I will give you my total attention, with no distractions. All of my fellow Vegas escorts are beautiful, but you picked me because I have the features you find most attractive. Let me show you that you chose well.”

What’s more, she adds, is that you don’t have to worry about a lot of drama because she and her professional entertainers are always looking for ways to stop this from occurring. “Each and every one of my fellow escorts knows that her problems are not yours,” she says. “Those issues are never to be brought into her booking and I will never bring them up to you. I won’t answer personal questions about myself if you probe too deeply, not for my protection, but for yours. You see, as long as you aren’t having these issues inflicted on you, you never have to worry about them. How much of a relief would that be, knowing that you’ll never have to deal with that or put up with it? How great is it to know that the woman you are with is there simply to please you? This is an experience almost no man has if he is with ordinary, amateur women. It is the rare gem of a woman like me who knows how to treat her man well, respect him, shower him with kindness and affection, and never expect him to solve her problems. But this is what you get with me. I know how to conduct myself.”

“I can conduct myself in the best way for you in more than one setting, too,” she says. “That’s what is truly special about a girl like me. I can be a social chameleon. I can be different things to different people. Do you want a date you can bring to a family function, who makes you look like a stud and maybe bends over a few times where your male relatives can see, but whose job is to make your Aunt Margaret stop asking you when you’re going to find a nice girl and settle down? I’m game. Do you need me for a business function so you can impress your boss and coworkers? Not only can I dress appropriately for something like that, but I can make sure that you do, too. I will always make you look good, raising your game and improving others’ estimation of you. Need someone to keep you company on a trip? I might be able to do that for you. Need a beautiful girl to go with you to a specific social function? I am probably your girl. I’m full service and I have a great background.”

Kathy maintains her gorgeous body through swimming and bicycling. “It takes a lot of laps and a lot of miles to forge a body like this,” she says, running her hand down her stomach, “but it was well worth it. I love looking as good as I do. Whenever possible, I like to give people a taste of what I have going for me. You want to put your hands on me for just a minute, well, that’s probably not what I’m talking about, But I’m going to make you think it. I love to dress sexy and provocatively, making headlines and turning heads. That’s why I invest so much time in my appearance.”

Investing time in your appearance, however, is also an aspect of having self-respect, Kathy believes. “I see these girls leaving the house in sweats and they’ve just given up,” she says. “You can’t look your best all the time, but a lot of these girls are making a habit out of looking like garbage at all times. That isn’t good. A sexy girl has to keep herself up. You can’t afford to give up and surrender to inertia or laziness. You’ve got to be willing to put the time in because that’s where your value lies. It’s the key to your job. You’ve got to be sexy above all else. That’s like the first commandment of your job: be sexy. Everything else can take a back seat to that. Unless you first can check that box, almost everything else you do is going to be irrelevant. I know that sounds harsh, but it is absolutely true, and we should be available for feedback more often than not.”