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“I adore men,” Julia admits. “I think there are times when I kind of define myself according to whether or not I am getting enough attention from men. And that can be dangerous. You really have to be careful not to lose yourself to that. If you let that attitude deteriorate, soon that will be all you care about, and when you can’t command a man’s attention, you’ll feel like you’re losing yourself. I don’t think that’s ever been a danger for me, but I understand what it means. I understand how it affects my life to be such a gorgeous, attractive girl. That means that when I step out with you, everyone will know that you’re the kind of man who can get my attention. They’ll be jealous of you and they’ll know you’re the kind of man who gets things done and who gets noticed. This is the power of a Las Vegas escort, after all, making you look like the sort of person who has power and influence. Because you are, and it started when you were smart enough to book with us. I love that this party lifestyle is how my day to day life works at this time. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”


Age 21
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Julia has the kind of blonde hourglass figure that gets people noticed. “When you look like I do, people notice,” she says. “I have an advantage in life and I know I do. I know I’m sexy. I know men look at me and are turned on, and they’re really nice to me whenever I meet new people. Aren’t you always a little bit nicer to people you think are sexy? So already I’m ahead of the game. I keep myself together, and men love that. Men respect that. Men respond to that. They like a girl who takes the time and effort to make herself sexy.” But it is not just Julia’s looks that get men to respond to her. It is also her attitude.

“I do like to keep a positive attitude at all times,” she admits. “When you do that, when you maintain that, it has a real and provable effect on the people around you. Think about the people in your life who bring you the most happiness, the people who are the most fun to be around. Are they the ones who are always complaining, always talking about how the world is against them? Or are they the ones who know how to have a good time? Nobody likes to be around someone who is doom and gloom all the time. People don’t respond to negativity. What people do like is a positive attitude. They like optimism.”

One of the things that Julia is optimistic about is how men react when she shows them how flexible she can be. “I spend a lot of time flexing and stretching,” she says. “I enjoy seeing just how far I can push my body, and I like knowing that when I’m covered with sweat after a long workout, a man who looks at me is going to think I’ve never been more sexy. Men love it when I show them just how flexible I can turn out to be. They like it when I really pull out the stops, get all fancy with the positions. It’s a challenge to see if I can top my best. In the end, aren’t we all just competing against ourselves? Aren’t we all just trying to see if we can do better than we did the last time?”

“There’s better thing you can do for someone else than to give them pleasure,” she says, changing the subject slightly. “That’s what we’re all looking for. We all just want some comfort. Most of us like to take that comfort in the arms of somebody sexy and warm, and why wouldn’t we? So when you give that to someone else, you’re helping to fulfill them. You’re helping to give them the one thing that everybody wants.” Julia understands, though, that there’s no need to make things too complicated. “I always keep things casual,” she says. “Life is way too short to anything different. I hate unnecessary stress and hassle. There’s no pressure with me, not ever. When you date someone like me, it’s truly no strings attached. I’ve never seen the point in trying to control someone else. Women who do that, they’re just insecure. If you know who you are, you like yourself, and know what you’re about, you never have to behave that way with someone.”

Julia believes that being with men is what makes women truly happy, and vice versa. “There is a lot of talk of different types of sexuality these days,” she says. “It seems like there is a name for everything. That one dumb pop star who can’t stop taking her clothes off claims she is ‘pansexual.’ I don’t put a lot of stock in definitions like that. I think you are what you are, sure. You can be gay or straight or somewhere in between, but you don’t need a special word to hang on it all the time. That’s just silly. Just be who you are and enjoy yourself. Make connections with people if that’s what you can do, sure. I think everybody should strike to make connections so they aren’t isolated. But don’t kid yourself into believing you are doing something you’re not. You’re not really a special and unique snowflake. We could all use a little more humility.”

One of Julia’s favorite books is “Fight Club,” and she loves the movie too. “I have to admit I have a huge crush on Brad Pitt from that movie,” she says. “He and Norton both are just so sexy in it. If I could choose any movie to live inside of, I think it would be that one. I just couldn’t resist all that testosterone at once, you know? Brad Pitt with his shirt off. Oh, yes.”