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Isabelle is a sexy girl who loves to run. She is very familiar with the experience of the “runner’s high” and likes to court the effect. “I love to get out there and just run,” she says. “The feeling of euphoria that overtakes me is unlike any other sensation I can get in any other way. It seems so trite to call it being high naturally, but that’s really what it is. There are no drugs involved. There’s nothing that’s bad for your body. I’m toning and shaping my incredible body the whole time I am out there running. So it’s like the absolute best of all possible worlds, because not only am I getting away from it all and taking that little escape that people sometimes take through drugs, but I’m doing it naturally… and in a way that makes my body better.”


Age 22
Height 5’9″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“Let’s be really honest about that,” she adds. “Look at my body. It’s incredible. It’s well worth it. I know that when men look at me, they are thinking filthy thoughts. I can’t imagine how sad I would be if I walked down the street and men weren’t watching me and thinking the nastiest things imaginable. I guess I tend to define myself very much in terms of attention from men, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Every woman wants to be desirable. Every woman wants to know, especially as she gets a little older, that she has the ability to hold a man’s attention. Nobody wants to think that they are fading, you know? And on some level I know this job itself has a limited shelf life for me. I will only be able to do it for so long before I have to be able to do something else. So I’m going to do this for as long as I can. While I’m young and beautiful, I am going to give men the benefit of being with me.”

One of the things Isabelle absolutely hates is Internet dating. She has tried it several times and found it awful each time. She also doesn’t understand what makes men think they will have success with it. “From a man’s perspective,” she says, “Internet dating is a terrible idea. First of all, there’s no guarantee that you will actually find someone you are ‘compatible with,’ someone you will make a connection with. If you were guaranteed to meet people with Internet dating, you would just meet those people the dating site thought best matched you. Some of these sites get quite elaborate with all the personal information they ask of you, and this gets quite time-consuming and involved. But does it produce good connections? I don’t think it does because I’ve always believed that opposites attract each other.”

She goes on, “Internet dating is also really expensive and kind of a scam, if you ask me. Did you know that on most sites, you have to pay for a premium membership if you want to have any hope of meeting people? That’s because the site makes it so you can’t contact everyone you might like to contact, or you can’t read your messages or see who they are from, unless you pay for a membership. In fact, this is how the sites sucker you into paying month after month. They string you along with the hope that you might meet someone and hookup with them, when in fact you probably won’t. So you’ll shell out big bucks month after month and never see much in the way of improvement in your situation.”

From a woman’s perspective, the whole dating pool isn’t much better. “I’ve tried it but I just get swamped with messages,” she says. “After a while I just gave up. If I want to meet someone, I’ll meet them through work. I like getting to know my clients. It’s a lot better than any dating service. Well, no, scratch that. I guess if you wanted to look at it that way… but no. I love my freedom. And I think men appreciate that, too. I’m not tied down to anything, nor do I need to be for my identity. I just like to get close to certain people in my life sometime. This kind of thing is one way to do it.”

Isabelle likes to sunbathe and is always fond of turning people on while she does it. “I know it is rude on some level,” she says, “but when I’m at a beach or I’m poolside, I love to wear the least I can get away with, legally. Then I will do everything I can to give all the horny guys around me a great view. And if I am feeling really generous, I’ll start flirting with one of those guys. Every once in a great while I even bring one of them home, although that’s a lot more rare. I just love showing off my body and making people nervous with it. I love it when a guy gets flustered because I am absolutely turning him on and he’s not sure what to do with himself. And when men start cruising by to sneak looks at me, or even photos, I know I’ve totally blown their minds. They need to get more of me. A passing glance was not enough.”

Isabelle doesn’t even mind it when her picture is taken. “I know sometimes they are uploading it to image sites,” she says. “Sometimes it is just so they can say to their friends, look at this sexy girl I saw. Either way, it turns me on. It paints me as this incredibly sexy creature, you know? I love being seen and perceived that way. I love that they can’t get enough of me. It is great for my ego and I love to spread that around. Happiness all around for everyone, right? Why not, I say. I think it’s time we admitted it’s okay to do things for ourselves.”