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Harley is a vivacious girl with a flair for drama, but she knows how to leave it at the door. “When you date an amateur, non-professional girl, all her problems become yours the moment you start to date her,” she points out. “You really have no choice in the matter. Either you are sufficiently attentive to her complaining to continue receiving her attentions, or she will simply call a halt to the whole thing and you will be out the time and money and effort you’ve spent trying to get close to her up to that point. Dating a girl who is not a professional is basically signing up for all her family drama, all her personal issues, all her craziness, and all her unpleasantness. There’s a good reason that the famous pop song, ‘Dear Future Husband,’ is all about how a man has to be willing to put up with his woman even when she’s miserable to him. The lyrics preach that he’s always wrong, even when he’s right, and basically, for the sake of being with that woman, he’s got to suck up a never ending stream of abuse from her. Is that what you want from your romantic life?”


Age 23
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Going out with one of our incredibly beautiful escorts is something else entirely, as Harley knows only too well. “Each and every one of our girls knows that her problems are not yours, including me,” she says. “They are never to be brought into her booking and she will never bring them up to you. She won’t answer personal questions about herself if they probe too deeply, not for her protection, but for yours. You see, as long as you aren’t having these issues inflicted on you, you never have to worry about them. How much of a relief would that be, knowing that you’ll never have to deal with that or put up with it? How great is it to know that the woman you are with is there simply to please you? This is an experience almost no man has if he is with ordinary, amateur women. It is the rare gem of a woman who knows how to treat her man well, respect him, shower him with kindness and affection, and never expect him to solve her problems. But this is what you get with Las Vegas escorts like me. We know how to respect you, they know how to conduct themselves, they will respect your privacy, and they will always behave professionally. That professionalism is what makes every difference in the world.

Harley is also very aware that at times, her dates and the men who see her out on the town aren’t exactly focusing on her face or eyes. She knows she has an incredible figure, and that she wouldn’t be doing this job if she didn’t. “I enjoy how it affects men who see me and are turned on by me. No woman wants to think of herself as undesirable. Knowing you can turn a man on, and that his eyes are following you, hoping to drink in the sight of you before you’ve gone, is wonderful for your self-esteem. There’s another advantage that my figure comes with, though, since I’m also petite. Good things come in petite, sexy packages, yes, and sometimes… they dress to answer your fetishes.”

Harley loves to show off the city. “This is the world’s greatest party city for a reason. You could live here for years and only scratch the surface of exploring the city. Even when I’m not working, I will go out and explore Vegas, looking for new and fun, exciting things to do the next time I’m out on a date. Some of the men I go out with really know the city. Some are from here. Some are frequent visitors. But there are plenty who are, like so many, visiting Vegas for the first time in their lives. I just love seeing the city through the eyes of first-timers. It’s always so exciting and magical that first time. You’ve heard about Vegas your whole life. You’ve been told stories about the strip, the casinos, the strippers and dancing girls, the night life. You’ve seen movies and television shows that make this place seem like the most exotic city in the world. Honestly, on some level, I think that’s probably all true. That’s why I can’t get enough of Vegas, and why, whenever possible, I take my dates around town and show them a good time. I want to share with them the city that I love. I want them to enjoy the party lifestyle that I enjoy. My life is just one long date. Not a lot of people can say they make a living showing people how to party and have fun. I’m very lucky.”

Harley herself had to adjust when it came to being a Vegas escort. “It’s not just about partying, or knowing how to party, or knowing how to get down and find great places to go and things to see,” she says. “You’ve got to learn to be a kind of “manager.” You’ve got to be able to manage the date, make sure it goes smoothly. You have to be the person who steers the ship, so to speak. To me, that’s the difference between being a professional entertainer and being just any other Las Vegas escort. I think when I made that transition, when I realized it was my job, my calling, to be better than average, that’s when I really came into my own as an escort. That’s when I really started to feel like I had a handle on this job. To me, my life, my work, my fun, they’re all intertwined. There’s no point in trying to separate your work life and your personal life when they all blend together in this glorious party lifestyle mix. I don’t see any point in even trying. I just enjoy it. I love what I do.