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Gabrielle is a self-described soft touch who loves animals. One of her favorite things is going to the zoo. “I like seeing animals at the zoo,” she says, “but I like seeing them out in nature that much more. There are some animals that you’re never going to see in nature, though. Or at least, if you see a tiger out in the wild, that’s probably the last thing you’re going to see. So I go to the zoo for things like that. But when it comes to my nature walks, I like to see how many different species of bird I can spot and identify.” She loves animals, she says, because of their innate innocence, which she believes is unique.


Age 20
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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People are almost never innocent. But animals? I think they are always innocent. With people, you can always wonder what they’re really thinking. People can be false and they can be difficult. They can be a lot of things. Animals can only be one way. When you interact with an animal, it can only be one thing. It shows you its nature and it behaves in the only way it knows how. I can’t imagine a dog or a cat or any other sort of animal that could look at you and hide what it’s really thinking. When an animal is hungry, it lets you know. When it’s happy, it lets you know. When it is loving, it gets close to you. That’s just the nature of animals.”

Gabrielle goes on to claim that animals are like children. She volunteers at an animal shelter as a result. “You do have to be careful when you volunteer, because shelters are run by people, and some of them are motivated by something other than what’s best for the animals,” she points out. “I’ve had good experiences volunteering for shelters and I’ve had bad experiences. You’ve got to be careful and you’ve got to be prepared to walk away from someplace if they’re not treating the animals with proper respect.”

Gabrielle is also very much into gardening. “When I garden,” she says, “when I get my hands in the soil, when I help something to grow, that’s when I am my most human. People today live so separated from the Earth we come from. They live in towers of glass and steel. Concrete and asphalt have been paved over everything. We’ve gotten to the point where if you see so much as an ant in your kitchen you freak out. How sanitized a life do you have to leave to never see so much as a stray insect? When did we come to take for granted the fact that we could completely control our climate and purge everything in our lives that doesn’t exactly match the way we want to live? People used to be a lot more in touch with what was out there in the world. They used to live a lot more naturally. That’s why I like to get back to nature when I can. Nature is soothing. The Earth has this vibe that just lets you get in tune with your inner self.”

Gabrielle explains that if she doesn’t take the time to center herself periodically, she would go a little crazy. “We all have the need to get right with ourselves, to center our minds. It’s very important. I think that’s the reason that I need to get away, to shelve all the technology, turn off my phone, and just be myself. If more of us took the time to get those little breaks from the rat race, from the terrible pace of modern life, we would really all be better off. I think I am doing a good thing if I can encourage at least one person to think that way, at least once in their lives.”

Most of all, though, our Gabrielle is a party girl. She is up for it if her client wants to party until the break of dawn. She will spend the week clubbing, if need be, and come back for more. And if the client wants something more specific than all that, she is happy to give it a try. “I love the fact that when I start my week, I really don’t have any idea what I’m going to do be doing. It could be a museum, a business meeting, a night in a hotel, anything,” she says. “Knowing that it’s wide open keeps me stimulated and stops me from getting bored.”

It is boredom, in fact, that Gabrielle hates most of all. “I just don’t ever want to stop moving,” she says. “I need stimulation. I need excitement. I can’t be who I am if I’m worried about being bored. There’s an old book that has something in it that says something like, ‘fear is the mind killer.’ But fear isn’t what kills your mind. It’s boredom that kills your mind. It makes you apathetic, bit by bit, until you can’t stand it anymore. I can’t live like that. I don’t want to be bored, ever. I will do anything it takes to avoid that. And embracing this lifestyle was a big part of avoiding boredom for me. I love to get away from it all and do wild and crazy things.”

Gabrielle also loves to confront others with her sexual, sensual side. “I am a very sensual woman, and I love to kiss,” she says. “I love to just walk up to a stranger and plant my lips on him to see how he’ll react. Something about that excites and pleases me. It’s a thrill, I guess, to see if I have the sensual power to win over even someone I don’t know. Most of the time, it works. I guess that, by itself, right there, is pretty special. And I should stop complaining. Well, no, I wasn’t complaining. I guess I was being more philosophical. But there’s a place and time for that, too. Always is.”