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Fawna is a passionate girl who loves that her intense nature draws men to her. “I think men love a girl who has energy,” she says. “That’s part of the party lifestyle here. You never have to worry about being with one of us girls, because we only hire girls who are genuinely committed to the party lifestyle of being a Las Vegas escort. I couldn’t get hired here if I didn’t have the right temperament for the job, and we screen our other girls for that same commitment.”


Age 23
Height 5’7″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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She goes on, “When management brings a girl onto our staff, when they vet the kinds of girls that they find from among the ranks of the loveliest Las Vegas strippers and the best that the Las Vegas Backpage has to offer, they make sure that she has all the talents they require of one of our girls. I share those qualities, but I’ll tell you what they are. She’s got to be professional. She’s got to be discrete. But most of all, she’s got to be high-energy, a creative leader who can take charge and keep your date on track while making sure all your needs are met. She has to be able to look good and give her all whether it’s her first booking of the week or her last. Her job is to please you and show you what a great time out with a Las Vegas escort truly means. If she can’t do that, she can’t hang with us, and she’s not fit to spend time with you.”

Fawna adds, “I have a lot of respect for the client for that reason. One of the things that makes my fellow Las Vegas escorts so special is that we know to take you seriously, show you nothing but respect, and never judge you for anything. I am skilled at fantasy fulfillment. I know that in many cases, you may have been waiting your whole life for the opportunity to spend time with someone as beautiful and sexy as me. Management here want girls who know just how to please our clients and who are interested in fulfilling their fantasies. We know that you can’t enjoy your fantasy if you are worrying about being judged or made fun of. I would never do that to you. I will always take you seriously and I will always approach your fantasy with kindness and an open mind. All you have to do is communicate with me. The more you can tell me about what you want, the better I can help you get it.”

Fauna loves what she calls the sexual heat of nightclubs, where she goes to dance the night away. “When the music takes me over, I just go with it,” she says. “There is no better time, for me, than to just go out dancing, feel the music pumping through my body, and know that I don’t have another care in the world. I don’t think any other sensation in the world compares to that. I think music is unique and that’s why all cultures have it. I suppose I’m probably putting too much significance on it, but I don’t really think so. Without music I wouldn’t know how to cut loose whenever I needed to burn off some of this extra energy I always seem to have. All of the girls on staff here are super high-energy young ladies who can’t be controlled and who are definitely not inhibited. That sounds like a wonderful thing but it can also be a little complicated when we all get going at once. You know, the whole gaggle of us, the whole crowd, when we go to a single party where we’re all invited… it’s something to see, let me tell you. And of course on any given day that might be just what you are doing. You might be partying down at the drop of a hat.”

Fawna knows her great looks give her an advantage in life and in every other endeavor. She sees no reason to deny that but also does not dwell on it. “I worked hard for this body,” she says. “I know some of the qualities that beautiful women have are things they were born with. Obviously, if you’re ugly, you can’t tone or train your way into being good looking. Your bone structure is your bone structure and your face is pretty much your face. No amount of exercise is going to change that. But the rest of your body is something you can work on. You can be taut and toned or you can be soft and flabby. I’ve worked hard to be as sexy as I am, and that sexiness really works for me. People respond to it. I have no problem with that and I’m certainly not going to apologize for it.”

Fawna can’t stand to be bored and she works hard to keep every option open. “I like to wake up in the morning with the glorious feeling that anything can happen,” she says. “That unlimited potential helps propel me through the rest of my day. It gives me the energy to face it. It’s like I don’t know what might come my way, and if anything is possible, then how could I not leap out of bed to embrace those possibilities? I realize that something as simple as your alarm clock doesn’t necessarily have to be a spiritual awakening, but at the same time, I take it all very seriously. I want to be something in the world, and to do that, I like to be unpredictable. I’m a firm believer in spontaneity. I don’t know. Can you plan ahead for spontaneity? Probably not. But if you could I would be all over that, because girls who are unpredictable and spontaneous are girls who have the most fun. You have seen them. Maybe you’ve even been jealous of them. Sometimes, that is how it goes down. It’s funny.”