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Farrah is honest about her wild side. “People don’t notice it at first because they just want to look at a girl like me and put her in an easy category,” she says. “That category may not be anything nice. They might look at me and think I must be dumb, or that I must be a slut, or that I must be some kind of gold-digger. Here I am, just a beautiful girl who likes to be sexy, looking to have as much fun as I can, and I get accused of silly things like that. It isn’t worth addressing. It isn’t worth the negativity. I prefer to focus on being wild. I like to surprise a man with just how wild and adventurous I can be. This goes beyond being spontaneous. Most guys like a girl who will surprise them once in awhile, who is capable of giving them a little variety. Nobody wants to feel like they’re stuck in a rut. But when I say I am adventurous, I mean I wouldn’t mind if every night was like one of those hung-over caper movies, where people have the time of their lives in a way that changes them forever and they will never forget. I want my whole like that.”


Age 20
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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From a very young age, Farrah was very comfortable in her skin, she explains. “When puberty hit me,” she says, “instead of gawky and awkward, I felt sensual and graceful. And when that happened, people started to notice, especially boys. At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of all the attention. And then I quickly realized what it was that the boys were after. When I knew what that power was, when I understood what was going on, then I had the leverage. Now it was me who could choose to be friendly or choose to be mean. And you know what? I chose to be friendly. I put all that bitterness and resentment behind me. I never once felt like that was the wrong thing to do. I wanted to start a new life, and I did. Realizing that I was a desirable, sensual woman was part of my awakening.”

Farrah also likes to take the party down a notch when she can. “I like to be close to the men I date,” she says. “I like to get to know what is on their minds. I like those quiet spaces between spoken words, those intimacies between people who are just starting to feel each other out. I don’t think that’s unusual at all. You can’t ever really connect with someone unless you’re willing to look past the superficial. Can the two of you enjoy a silence without that silence becoming awkward? That’s an important test of a relationship, right there. Who knows? It might be the only relationship test that matters. Well, there are a few others. It matters if the two of you are compatible in the bedroom. That’s a test I don’t mind taking and retaking. That’s a subject I don’t mind studying, either. It’s fun and sexy.”

Farrah loves adventure and hates being bored. “That’s one of the reasons I like the party lifestyle of being a Las Vegas escort,” she explains. “There are plenty of girls who can’t hold up to it, as funny as that sounds. Partying every night and every day as your job, that’s not the thrill it might seem. You’ve got to have stamina. You’ve got to be able to get up and do it every day without looking turned out by the end of the week, because a client deserves your best whether he’s your first client or your last client for the booking period. It’s a fact that we all could do with more relaxation, but it’s possible to do it too much, to get too unwound, and then you’ve got to deal with the consequences. I think we should all embrace fun and then become the best people we are intended to be. I think life is all about hitting and achieving your potential. That starts with knowing who you are as a person and getting to know yourself. That’s important.”

Farrah is an ambitious young lady with dreams and goals. She is also okay with being characterized as ambitious. “I think it’s one of those great little ironies,” she says, “that strong women are always being told that they should get upset when others characterize them as go-getters… and yet they behave so obnoxiously the rest of the time and see no disconnect. A man isn’t going to take you seriously as a leader if you don’t first prove that you can lead. I don’t see how that’s any different. These subscriptions to honor that some people seem to think they’re selling… I want no part of it. I think ambition should be pure and honest. If you want something, you should be going for it, and nobody should try to stop you. If they do try to stop you, they should be okay with getting slapped back down again…b because you don’t mess with the bull until you gauge the horns. I guess the point I am making is, nobody is going to give me what I want, so I am going to take it.”

Farrah has a dirty little secret, and that is that she loves to watch adult movies. “I just love to see the cheesy stories unfold and then turn into hot action,” she says. “Especially since most of these movies have plenty of girl on girl, which I absolutely love to watch. I just love to see all my favorite actors and actresses getting hot and sweaty. And I do definitely have my favorites. I don’t see how you can watch this kind of thing and not develop some favorites. We all have our hobbies and this one is mine. I don’t think it makes me weird. I think that it definitely makes me more sexual.”