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Danni is a bisexual who believes strongly that there is no point in choosing between men and women. “I can honestly say that I love men and I love being with men just as much as I love being with women,” she says. “Men are so sexy. I love to open a man’s shirt and run my hands across his chest. I like to feel him holding me and pulling me into him. I love the feeling of him running his fingers through my hair while we kiss, maybe even pulling my head back a little, showing me who’s in charge. There’s nothing about any of that I would change. Men are so very sexy.”


Age 22
Height 5’8″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Danni goes on to say that women are overwhelmingly wonderful too, because they are soft and curved and supple. “Not only do I like to put my hands on a woman and experience her body, she says, “but I love the way a woman touches me. It’s softer than the way a man touches me. More familiar. I think a woman can do things for a man that a man can’t, and a man can definitely do things for a woman that a woman can’t. Being bisexual just means having the best of both possible worlds.”

Danni is genuinely bisexual and resents the type of people who pretend to be bisexual because it is seen as sexy to heterosexuals. “I know that every guy loves the idea of two hot girls kissing,” she says, “but I don’t think it’s right to pretend to be bisexual in order to get a payday. You’re not really being harmed by a girl who claims to be bisexual but who is just playing at being bisexual in order to turn you on. But do you really want to spend your time with someone who is tricking you? Don’t you want to be with someone who can be honest? Honesty is very important to me. Being genuine is something I don’t think you can afford to dismiss. It’s an aspect of honesty, and honesty is an aspect of honor. Without integrity, you quickly become nothing.”

Danni has sophisticated tastes and loves to eat out at fine restaurants. “One of the big problems with everyone in the modern world,” she says, “is that none of us takes the time to really enjoy our food. And there is so much of it, so much richness of cuisine. It’s nuts that we don’t appreciate it more.”

Danni believes her ability to blend in and adapt is very helpful to her job. “I’m going to be comfortable and I’m going to help you have a good time no matter what we do or where we go,” she says. I’ll try anything once. I know, that’s an old joke, and you’ve heard it before. But I mean it. When we go out, feel free to suggest new things. I will gladly experiment with you. Every time I go out is a new adventure for me.”

Danni loves to fantasize about women. “I love to think about how soft and sexy they are,” she says. “I love to picture their curves. I like to use my tongue on a woman’s stomach, work it up to her hips, run it along her naked body and up across her back to her smooth shoulders. These are the fantasies that preoccupy me. These are the things that turn me on. I love to think about being with a woman, just like I like meeting a new, sexy girl to play with. Every one of us has secret desires, yes, and I am very honest about mine. I just adore being sexy and it gets even better when I can enjoy that with another girl. When the two of us are in lingerie or nothing at all, that to me is the best way to spend a night. If we can do it beside a roaring fire, well, that’s even better. It’s even sexier too.”

The party lifestyle almost overwhelmed Danni at first until she learned how to handle it. “We are all very energetic girls,” she says of the company where she works, “and so of course I figured I could handle it when I first started this job. I came at it completely full bore, the throttle wide open. I didn’t pace myself. I didn’t moderate at all. I just went right at it, partying my face off. A few of my repeat clients from those early days still laugh about how I was back then. I just couldn’t slow down. And the inevitable happened. I got tired, and then I got sick, and I was down with the flu for a couple of weeks because I had worked myself over so bad. Well, once I got better, I had a choice. I could come back and try again, or I could just forget about it.”

Danni chose to take the plunge and get back on the horse. She says she hasn’t regretted it. “There is lots of stuff in life worth regretting,” she says, “but I was not about to let some time partying down affect my future prospects. You have to exert a lot of self-control in this job, that’s true. It took me a while to figure that out. But now I’m wiser, still sexy, and still making it happen. You can be ambitious in moderation, you know. It doesn’t happen all that often, but it is possible.”

Danni likes to do brain teaser puzzles in her spare time. “I’m just trying to stop my brain from rusting,” she says. “If you don’t use your muscles, they atrophy. The same is true of your brain. You’ve got to use that muscle, and that means putting it through its paces with puzzles sometimes. This is an important step to prevent loss of your faculties as you get older. The more you tease your brain, the better off you will be. Don’t neglect this important organ anymore.”