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Corinne is a charming girl who has learned to embrace both her sexuality and her love of massage. She loves to put her hands on people and thinks that this ability she has to sooth away someone else’s discomfort is one of the most important skills that exists. “Massage is the ultimate gift,” she says. “It’s the gift of taking away someone’s discomfort. What else can do that? I think also that if you have skills that other people can appreciate, you are more on your way to being a whole person. But if those skills have the ability to soothe away pain, you are that much farther ahead of the game.”


Age 21
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Corinne goes on, “There are lots of girls in the world who look great without their clothes on. Men like a beautiful girl, most certainly. They love a woman who is sexy and hot. A girl should work at being as sexy as she can be. But there are also beautiful girls in the world who will always be a cut above the average girl, because they have these incredible skills that make them something more than just a tanned and toned piece of meat. Beauty is a multidimensional concept. A beautiful woman who is stupid is nothing next to a beautiful woman who is also educated. Some girls, though, beauty is all they have, and they’d never had to work for it. They are born beautiful and they spend their youth always looking good and enjoying the benefits of other people wanting to get close to them and even sleep with them. A guy, when he sees a beautiful woman, he wants to know that she’s more than just how she looks. That’s what that old saying about true beauty being more than skin deep, that’s what it is really about. A man wants to know that his woman is special for something other than how she was born, that she has some skills that make her a fully realized human being.”

“To be realized,” Corinne says, “you’ve got to be able to earn your skills. Skills aren’t just gifted to you the way good looks are at birth. Taking a class, learning a trade, learning to be someone or do something, that’s one way to realize yourself as a human being. Sometimes, too, there are people who have innate talents. Like, you could have a talent for art, but unless you train it, unless you nurture and develop it, it’s never going to become a true skill for art. And unless you develop a real skill, you can’t be the kind of fully realized woman a man wants. Because contrary to popular belief, a man doesn’t just want a Barbie doll. He wants a hot girl, yes, but he also wants a hot girl he can respect. Someone he can really make a connection with.”

One way to make that connection, Corinne explains, is to learn to listen to your man very well. “A lot of guys have gone their whole lives never really being with a woman who knows how to listen to them,” she explains. “That is such a shame to me. How hard is it simply to listen? To me, listening is the easiest thing in the world, but to hear some women talk, you’d think it was physically painful for them to shut their mouths and just listen. All a man wants is to be respected and cared for. If you treat a man right, he will be so grateful for that treatment that he will do absolutely anything you ask of him. What’s more, he’ll be happy to do it. It will actually give him pleasure to do things for you, because he’ll want to make you happy. If you are the type of woman who wants a man wrapped around her finger, that’s all you’ve got to do. You’ve just got to be nice to him. But so many women can’t bring themselves to do that.”

As to why that is, Corinne has some ideas. “I blame society,” she says. “We teach women to be such brats. We tell them that a man’s desire, a man’s pleasure, and everything that a man is or does or wants, is somehow wrong or bad. When did that happen, exactly? When did all the sitcoms start showing men as buffoons? I tell you, women are going to be on the other end of a very strong backlash at some point and they’re not going to like it. Right now, anything a man wants, anything he says, anything he does, is oppression and sexism. We can only complain like that for so long. Sooner or later, men are going to get so tired of being told everything is sexism that they’ll stop caring about the few legitimate cases of it. They’ll just start dismissing it all and telling us to go to hell. And we will deserve it because we couldn’t just shut the hell up and stop complaining about everything.”

On a more positive note, Corinne is very proud of her body and loves to look at herself in a full length mirror. “I love getting close to my own body and getting to know it,” she says. “I think when you look this good, sometimes, you should just indulge yourself and enjoy it. Every man has a chance with me because I’m open to anything. I figure sometimes you’ve just got to go for it. I believe in never hesitating, and never backing down. And as hot as I am, I love it when a man approaches me, no matter what he looks like. I appreciate his courage. If he’s got the guts to come after me, well, we’ll talk. Maybe we can work something out. I like men and I like pleasing them, so it isn’t that much off me to give a guy a chance. He just has to live up to that challenge. It’s really as simple as that.”