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Candi is a beach babe who likes hot weather and thinks that nothing is sexier than having a man apply suntan lotion to her body. “I like to give the bottle to my lover and then watch to see if he misses anything. The smaller the bathing suit I’m wearing is, the better. I like to be wearing a really daring string bikini when I pull this move. Then I hand him the lotion and tell him to please get every spot. I lie there with my eyes closed and just savor the feeling of him applying that suntan lotion, going over every last inch of my body, missing nothing. It tells me a lot about his personality, and what he’s like in bed, to feel his hands and fingers on me, exploring me, doing it in public where anyone can see.”


Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“Lounging half-naked in the sun and by the cool water,” she says, “is one of the most decadent pastimes there is. It’s all about your body, and about your body being seen. You’re there in the sun, baking, for anyone to look at you. You’re hot in both the physical sense and in terms of your appearance. And at any moment you could go for a dip in that sparkling blue water, and get yourself all wet. Now you’re warm and wet and so very sexy. I’ve always thought that girls with wet hair were particularly a turn on. I know some men who feel that way, too. But the more time you spend by the pool relaxing, or at the beach if you have access to a beach, the better off you are. People deserve to relax in the sun. I can’t think of anything I’d rather than do than lounge by the pool at some tropical resort with a drink in my hand that has lots of umbrellas in it. Can you? Is there anything better at all?”

Candi goes on, “And I have to admit that part of the reason I like to do all this is so that other men will see my date putting suntan lotion on someone as sexy as me. It makes him look great in front of anyone who is watching. It makes the spectators jealous. Men watching him will be incredibly jealous. The women who see him work his magic on me can’t help but be turned on too. They know I’m with him, so he must have something good about him, and they wonder if maybe he would be that patient and sensual while oiling them up.”

Candi focuses on her clients completely when she is on the job. “They say an escort’s life is one long party,” she says, “going out on dates with fun people and seeing where the magic goes. Well, yes it is. But you get out of everything exactly what you put into it. If you are very focused on the task at hand, then you will get more out of it, and the person who is doing it with you will get that much more out of it too. That’s why when I go out with a guy, I make it clear that he’s the only person in the universe for the duration of that date. I don’t look at other people. I look at him. I don’t talk about other people. I want to talk about him. And I want him to open up, to explain to me who he is, to share with me his fantasies.”

She goes on, “This is how I make every man have the best time of his life. Ultimately, I want to create that memory for him. I want him to realize, at some point while we are out together, that he’s never had an experience like this before, and he’s not sure how he’s going to manage to have it again. I want being with me to be the most fun he has ever experienced, maybe more fun than he thinks he can handle. I will take my date to the edge of euphoria and bring him back. That’s a journey that’s always worth taking.”

Candi adores attention, especially from men. “When I can walk into a room and watch all of the men slowly turn to look at me and my date, that’s when I have the most fun. “Some of them will try to hide it, try to steal glances when their wives or girlfriends don’t notice. Some of them are a lot more obvious about it. They’ll just stare at me openly, and the desire, the hunger in their eyes, that’s something really special. I love being able to inspire desire like that. I love having that kind of strength and power. That’s one of the reasons I work to stay in shape, you know? I love to shape my body and I love to be the sexiest girl I can be. And it all come back to making a man’s head turn. I want to command his attention. I want him to look at me and not be able to remember his own name. I want him fantasizing about the two of us together.”

Candi admits that some can consider her demanding, but she believes she more than makes up for it in kind. “I never ask for anything too deep,” she says. “You’ve got to keep it casual even when you are insisting on getting the things you want. I’m a very skilled and sexy young woman, and I know what that gives me and grants me. I know I have chances others don’t. I don’t see any reason to make apologies for that. A sexy girl can get away with a lot that nobody else can. Men are often too willing to overlook things for me. All I have to do is shake my rear end and that’s about it. It’s a fine rear end, but I don’t know as any human being should have that much power.”