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Q. How Does All This Work?

A. It’s all very straightforward, really. When you decide you want female companionship, all you have to do is stop by our website and take a look through the galleries of gorgeous ladies we have here. You choose the woman who excites you the most, who will then show up at a time and place on which the two of you have mutually agreed. If the girl you want is booked, we can reach out to our extended network of Las Vegas area escorts and find you someone we think you’ll like just as much. Then we’ll put the two of you in touch with each other, book the time you need, and collect payment. You are then free to enjoy your time with your Las Vegas escort as you see fit. Whatever develops between the two of you is entirely up to you both and, frankly, none of our business.

It’s also our hope that once you have had the chance to sample what it’s like to go out with our Vegas escorts, we’ll have ruined you for all other aspects of the Vegas experience, even Las Vegas strippers. You don’t have to go to the Las Vegas Backpage when you have this site, because we are far better in every way. Once you’ve come to our site and dated our girls, you’ll understand why. Why comb the Backpage Las Vegas or spend your time staring at Las Vegas strippers when you can instead go out with one of our beautiful and sophisticated young women? Not only are we safer and staffed with higher quality ladies here at, but when you look on the Las Vegas Backpage you never know what you’re getting. We vet all our staff and make sure that our young ladies are not only well suited to this job in terms of temperament, but also capable of conducting themselves professionally in all aspects of doing business with you. You never have to worry about the quality of your date or the experience that you will have when you go out with our young ladies. That’s the advantage we offer, and that’s why we are so superior in every way.

Q. How long should I book my escort for?

A. The length of your booking varies depending on how long you want to spend time with your new young lady friend. If you need her company for a few hours, such as the time needed for a traditional date of dinner, drinks, and perhaps dancing or a show, then you can book her for a few hours. If you need her time for longer because you have a specific activity, weekend getaway, social event, or business convention to attend with a lovely lady on your arm, you can book that, too.

Q. Do I have to live in the local area to use your service?

A. No, you don’t have to live locally to book one of our girls. We cater to a large client base of tourists and businessmen who are in town infrequently or who have come here specifically for vacation. If you have never been here before, you are in for the time of your life. Once you have booked with us, you may be finding excuses to come back to this part of the country. And if you live locally, that’s okay too. We are always happy to have regulars who live in the area. You will find that booking our lovely Las Vegas escorts quickly becomes addictive. Once you have made it a part of your lifestyle, you will wonder how you ever got by without it.

Q. I’m worried I can’t afford a Las Vegas escort.

A. You can’t afford NOT to book one of our girls. Stop and ask yourself just how much money you shell out on the old traditional dating cycle. There’s a lot of money that flies out of your pocket for no other reason, when you’re out on one of these “normal” dates, than that you’re trying to impress the woman that you are with. Most guys think that the in order to get on a girl’s good side, they have to look like big important rich people, blowing their money whether they can afford to so or not. To be honest, this is not incorrect. To impress a woman and to get her to let you have another date with her, it’s often important to make her think that you can just go on spending money on her, even if in your head you are calculating all the sacrifices you’re going to have to make for the rest of the money to make up for what you’re blowing on the date now. We’ve already talked about how women want high-value men, elsewhere on this website. Women believe that rich, affluent men are the types of men who can provide for them.

It costs a small fortune to date that way. How are you supposed to enjoy a date, or really get to know a woman, if the whole time you are out with her you are passing her little worthiness tests and trying not to make a mistake? Dating the old fashioned way is like one long job interview, where the job you are hoping to get is “boyfriend” and where the interview itself never ends. Considering everything you have to go through to try and impress a woman this way, and all the dinners and other activities on which you’ll spend money, not to mention things like cards and gifts and flowers, you’ll be raking out big gobs of dough just to stay in the game. The whole time you’re doing it, what you’re really trying to do is get another date… where you’ll just go on doing the same thing, on and on into infinity. The whole time that young lady could choose to just dismiss you if you make a single misstep or mistake. Say one wrong thing, crack a joke she doesn’t like, or hold an opinion she can’t tolerate, and you’re out the door. Women know they can always find men willing to date them. They don’t need you specifically, especially if there are better options (and in their minds, there are always better options).

Booking a Las Vegas escort, by comparison, is much more cost-effective. When you go out with one of our girls, it’s true that whatever develops between you and here is your business. It’s similarly true that you will spend money booking one of our girls, because that’s how our service works. But you will be so much better off. We give you great value by allowing you to cut through the red tape and streamline the process of finding beautiful, sexy women to date. We encourage you to choose one from among the sexy ladies listed here on the website. The experience is far and away better than trying to locate a woman who is up to your standards, then chatting her up, then buying her drinks or otherwise trying to “meet cute” with her, then trying to convince her to go out with you, and then, the entire time you are out with her, trying to impress her enough to get another date, and so on. Spend less money and enjoy your time more by dating one of our Las Vegas escorts.

Q. Is this legal?

A. Yes, this service is completely legal. It’s important that you understand that this service is not prostitution. We do not arrange for sex. When you book an escort through us, you are booking that young lady’s time, nothing more. You agree to go out with her, and she agrees to focus on you for the duration of your booking. She will make sure you enjoy yourself. She will make sure you are satisfied with her service. But that is the extent of the booking. Anything else that develops between the two of you is entirely your business and your business alone. We would rather not pry into your personal life.

Q. Will anyone know that I hired an escort?

A. No, they won’t. At least, they won’t find out about it from us. We always keep you and everything about you, including the fact that you used our services, completely confidential. You will never find yourself on some spammer’s mailing list after doing business with us, and you need never fear that the details of your use of our service will become public. We are very discreet and we hold our customer’s privacy in the strictest possible conditions. In our opinion, there simply is no other way to do business. Our commitment to customer service is so strong that there is no request we will not at least consider. All that we ask is that you communicate to us your special requirements, needs, hopes, and requests so that we can let you know what is possible and what is not. Again, anything you tell us will not be shared with anyone else.

We guarantee confidentiality and privacy because we understand how little true privacy people have in the modern worlds. More and more, everything about our lives seems open to invasion. When you go out to eat dinner, it’s not at all uncommon to see entire tables of people looking at their phones, updating their friends and family and strangers across the Internet about the most intimate and mundane details of their lives. We volunteer all this information and then we wonder where our privacy went. We live in the public square of the Internet and then we complain that we have no discretion. Well, when you come to, the difference is that we still understand why privacy is important. We still live by the standard that says what you do and who you date is entirely your business. We always protect your privacy. It is part of our guarantee of great client service to you.

Q. Why shouldn’t I just cut out the middle man and go to the Las Vegas Backpage?

A. To be honest, you could do that. You could spend your time in Vegas looking at Las Vegas strippers, or going through the Backpage Las Vegas looking for someone to go date. You might even, if you are lucky, find an escort who is sort of on the level of our girls… but we doubt it. Don’t waste your time. Come straight to us.