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Have you ever been tempted to use Backpage? Backpage Las Vegas is the Vegas branch of the larger, nationwide site. It’s a classified ads site, and one of its sections is for adult services. You’ve probably heard of Backpage in the news because that adult services section is somewhat notorious for what it offers. Or rather, it might be more accurate to say that the Las Vegas Backpage is notorious for what it doesn’t offer, because what it doesn’t offer… isn’t much. Almost anything you could ever want can be found on Backpage. Las Vegas is a city known for its vices, and the Las Vegas Backpage is just as notorious for all the wrong reasons.

ABC news reported that maybe two thirds or more of all the prostitution ads on the Internet are found in the adult services section of Backpage, which means on that site, and in that section, you’re going to find a very sordid selection of adult services that range from legitimate and legal… all the way to very much illegitimate and very much illegal. So how do you tell the difference… and how do you know what you’re getting? Escorts — legal, legitimate escorts, often very lovely women with a great deal to offer — advertise in the Las Vegas Backpage all the time. So you might be thinking to yourself, why use an escort service or agency at all? Why not just “cut out the middle man” and go straight to the Backpage? After all, you may be thinking that going direct to the individual escorts is one way to ensure they benefit from your money and aren’t getting taken advantage of. Makes sense, right? The problem is, using the Backpage without the benefit of our vetting and filtering might result in you getting ripped off, left disappointed, or worse.

Think of the Las Vegas Backpage as kind of the wild, wild West of online classified ads. Someday the powers that are might decide to clamp down on sites like this, and rumblings of regulations for such sites have been heard for a long time. We’re all for Internet freedom and we don’t want to stifle anyone’s ability to make a living, but there’s a very real problem with the Backpage, and that is a lack of centralized authority and oversight. To put it simply, there’s absolutely nothing to ensure that the ads on the site are legitimate, or that the services offered will actually be performed… to say nothing of the difficulty you could get yourself into if you choose to go with some form of illegal service available in the adult services section or elsewhere. Never forget, too, that if it’s on the Internet, it’s open for all the world to see. An escort or other female adult entertainer who posts on the Backpage is posting her contact information, and the fact that she offers her services, for all the world to see, without the benefit of any kind of go-between filter to shield either her or her clients. Quite honestly, you answer one of those ads at your peril. You are always taking a risk when you do it.

The reason it’s a risk is that you just don’t know what you’re getting. But we can provide a solution for that. When you book a sexy Las Vegas escort through us, you’re getting far better quality because you’re getting a vetted, trained, background-screened professional entertainer who knows how to show you a good time as well as how to conduct herself like a professional. There is no wondering what you are getting; we are a known quantity, lauded for our client service and the consistency with which we strive to please. You need never worry about either the quality of our service or, more importantly, its legitimacy. We are a completely legal agency whose business is conducted in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, and our girls are a cut above the rest even compared to other professional Las Vegas escort agencies. Simply put, when you book with us you are getting both a great time and a high level of quality service, each and every time, without fail. We pride ourselves on delivering that service consistently and we are not satisfied until we know you are.

As for the Backpage, we are aware that it exists… and we go through it extensively every day. Our network of escorts is always growing, and when we spot quality talent, we recruit that talent to become part of our stable of professional entertainers. In other words, we comb through the Las Vegas Backpage every day so that you don’t have to. We check out each and every escort who looks like a viable prospect and who seems to offer something new and exciting that can make our service more useful and valuable to you. When we find a young lady who we absolutely must be able to offer you, the client, then we make her an attractive offer, bring her aboard, and train her to our standards to ensure quality service each and every time. The result is that there’s never any reason for you to resort to searching through the endless listings in the Las Vegas Backpage adult services section when you could, instead, be scheduling your booking. After all, you don’t want to search for feminine companionship; you want to find it. When you book with us, we do all the hard work, and all you have to do is make a selection from among our lovely ladies.

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