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One of the questions most frequently asked us by our loyal clients is how we determine which of the beautiful Las Vegas escorts on our pages are worthy of remaining with us as part of our staff of gorgeous girls. In a city that is absolutely saturated with beautiful women, it’s true that we have more than enough to pick from. But it’s also fair to ask why our girls are so much better than all those otherwise smoking hot Las Vegas strippers and all the women you find on the Las Vegas Backpage. It’s because, quite frankly, we put a lot more effort into determine just who we have on staff. We’re happy to answer your questions about who we are and how we do our business, and this particular question is a real point of pride for us, because we’ve spent so much time on it.

We’ve gone to great lengths to assemble, in the most methodical way possible, a team of girls who absolutely can give you their best in every single way. To make it to the staff of, our girls have to make it through our extensive screening process, in which we ask them questions about themselves, expect them to answer us honestly, and then tell us all about themselves, their personalities, their likes, their dislikes, their turn-ons, their turn-offs, and absolutely anything else about them that might be relevant… so that we can make a determination about whether these are the young women we want on our staff. It’s an important decision and we do not take it lightly, because everything rests on the beautiful bare shoulders of our gorgeous ladies. If they can’t give you the escort experience of a lifetime, then everything we are doing comes to nothing. We of course want to avoid that, so we do whatever we possibly can to make sure you are one hundred percent satisfied, each time and every time. Our motto is now and always will be that we want every client to be a repeat client. To ensure that, our girls have to be the right kind of girls. We determine that by getting close to them, getting to know them, and learning all about who they are and what they want to be.

To start with, we ask each of our incredibly beautiful, sexy, desirable applicants if she is truly a party girl, the kind of girl who knows how to have fun and who can go on having fun even when it means pushing her limits. Now, yes, it’s true that just about everybody who is asked that question is going to say, yes, of course, they like to have fun. Who doesn’t like to have fun, after all? But our girls have to meet a slightly more intense standard, because the party lifestyle of a Las Vegas escort is not something that can be taken lightly. When we interview a girl, we need to know that she’s going to be down for whatever her clients want her to do with them when it comes to going out or staying in. She’s got to be “on” all the time, ready and willing to go at it and have a great time no matter what the occasion, no matter what the social or business venue, whether it’s a formal thing or a casual, informal one. Can this girl have fun and enjoy herself when the occasion demands it? Can she blend into the background when that is more appropriate? Does she know the difference between making you look good… and not making you look bad? These are all important distinctions.

This party lifestyle sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Our ladies certainly seem to think so, but it’s definitely not for everyone, and not everyone can stand up to it. It’s a real drain on some of the girls. In some cases it’s simply more than they’re likely to be able to handle, and those are the girls who don’t stay with us. The constant partying, day and night, always going out and having fun with somebody new, day after day, week after week, month after month, starts to wear them down and make them feel turned out. There’s no fun in going out with a girl who seems all worn out and worked over, after all, and we would never fail our clients by subjecting them to an experience like that. Every girl we hired is screened to make sure she can keep up the pace and, better yet, enjoy herself doing it. We’re not looking for people who can win a grim-faced marathon. We want girls who can party all night and come back for more with a smile on their face.

The next thing we need to know about our girls is whether they have the imagination to do this job. This means we need to see how they’d react in a variety of different situations, so we ask them. We run them through a variety of different questions, informally here in our offices, to see if they know how to handle adversity. That’s because we need each of our girls to be able to handle anything that comes up on your date. She has to have the creativity to solve problems. One of the beautiful advantages of hiring a girl is that she is the one responsible for the success or failure of your time out with her. You no longer have to worry about the date succeeding or failing. You are under no pressure. There is nothing on you saying, “Make this right,” and everything on her. Can you imagine how relaxed, accepted, and respected you will feel when you are out with a girl who takes sole responsibility for everything going well? It’s unlike any dating experience you have ever had before. Each and every one of our girls is skilled in the art of making you comfortable, putting you at ease, helping you relax, and then seeing to it that you enjoy yourself, with none of the stress, fear, concerns, or worry that typically characterize a night out with a “normal” or non-professional girl. That is the difference, you see: All of our girls are trained professional entertainers whose job it is to help you have a good time.

When you are out with one of our girls, if any part of your Vegas escorts experience is not completely perfect, all you have to do is get in touch with us and let us know why you are not one hundred percent satisfied. We want to hear all about it: The good, the bad, and the ugly… although where our girls are concerned, there won’t be any ugly to deal with! Seriously, though, we want to know what we could have done differently, what processes we can update, what procedures need to be changed, and how we can best show you just how very seriously we take your needs, your desires, and your preferences. We will always take your special requests seriously and do whatever we can to address them, within reason. We will act on all of the feedback you send us, and we will implement whatever changes we can to make our service better. This is why we have the biography pages on our site, too. We don’t just show you the pictures of our girls so you can look at them. We also ask them to just share whatever is on their mind, give us a little window into what they are thinking. In this way, you get some idea of what to expect, and you get a better idea of who they are as people, not just as Las Vegas escorts. Doesn’t all of this sound like the best system possible? Don’t you think you could choose from among the available women on our site with real confidence that you will be happy with the outcome? We like to think so, and everything we do is geared toward that goal.

If you haven’t yet taken the time to select one of our lovely young ladies, we hope you will do so. Look, we understand that especially if this is your first time hiring a Las Vegas escort, you may be feeling a kind of cold feet. It’s new territory for a lot of guys, who have always dreamed of and wondered about what it would be like to step out on the town with a girl this gorgeous on their arms, but who have been afraid to really go for it. We hope that you will. We hope that you will take the plunge. We know that not every girl is the right choice for every single guy. We understand that all men have varied tastes. All of our girls are extremely sexy, without doubt, but when you have specific tastes as all men do, not everything turns you on equally well. We know that if you choose a girl who best corresponds to your ideal match, then you are more likely to have your personal preferences met, and you will therefore have a better experience.

It’s absolutely a fact that if you were to poll twenty of your guy friends and ask them to rank the girls on our site from sexy to sexier, they would probably produce twenty different lists. Sure, there would be some things in common, and there would be some overlap, but all guys have different preferences. We have found it very amusing to watch some of our clients who happen to be friends compare notes when making arrangements with us, only to discover that the girls they are convinced are the absolute sexiest don’t always match. Most guys don’t realize that what they take for granted, in terms of their personal taste, varies from person to person. So the next time you and your wingman are arguing over who gets the sexy one and who gets the sexier one, you might just want to compare notes to make sure you’re not both talking about the same girl. We choose our girls with diversity in mind. That means that while they all have to meet the same rigorous standards of fun-loving, friendliness, and sexiness, they aren’t all cookie-cutter reproductions of each other. There are differences. They are unique. They are special.

And oh, how special our girls are! Each and every one of them is perfection itself. We have spared no expense in combing the Las Vegas area for only the sexiest, highest-quality girls, and it shows. Take a look through the galleries of pictures attached to their biography pages. You won’t be disappointed. And if you don’t find yourself stirring at the thought of going out with each and every one of these ladies then, friend, you should probably go see a doctor, because something isn’t working right. You wouldn’t be human if you weren’t turned on by our Las Vegas escorts, and that is absolutely by design. Our business is your pleasure, and your pleasure is our business. These aren’t the types of girls you’ll find filling out the ranks of Las Vegas strippers. These aren’t the types of girls you’ll get if you go trawling through the Backpage Las Vegas. These are top-shelf, quality women who know how to treat a man because they are professional entertainers.

What is the first and most important quality of all professional entertainers? It is that their job is to take care of you and make sure you have a good time. A “normal” woman, a non-professional or “amateur” girl, is out for herself. This is naturally the case with any person who is not with you as part of their job. You expect an amateur woman to have demands. She criticizes. She asks for things. She attaches strings. She has baggage and other issues that she brings into the time she spends with you. These are all completely normal for any girl just off the street. This is what you’ve been dealing with your whole life in your quest to find female companionship. You have been fielding the problems and dealing with the baggage of normal women for your whole life. That is why you have always experienced more or less the same thing when engaging in the traditional, conventional dating process. It never changes because, hot or not, beautiful or ugly, rich or poor, old or young, the women you have been attempting to date are all amateurs, non-professionals, and ordinary women. They all have the same thing in common, and that is that they are out for themselves. They want what they can get from you. They see you as a protector, as a bank account, as a servant, and sometimes, as a slave. Most men are taught from birth to be okay with that, and that is why they are miserable.

When you instead go out with one of our beautiful professional entertainers, you are choosing a better way. You are choosing a different way. A professional entertainer isn’t going out with you to get something for herself… with the exception of the fee she is paid in exchange for her time. The rest of what develops is entirely up to the two of you, but what she won’t do is bring her personal baggage into it. She won’t put strings on you. She has no expectations of you. Your only “job” is to sit back, relax, and enjoy your time with her. There is no stress on you. There is no pressure on you. There is only you enjoying yourself and having the time of your life while you are out with a beautiful girl who treats you right. And you probably don’t understand what it means to be treated right until you have been out with one of our ladies, because most men have been mistreated in their romantic lives since their first romantic struggles began. Regular women complain a lot. They often have unreasonable expectations. They expect you to read their minds. They want different things on different days at different times and they somehow, magically, expect you to know the difference. Worse, they criticize constantly, and the second you don’t measure up, the moment you show weakness, they will leave you for someone they think is better. This is mercenary nature of ordinary women. No man, who went through a crisis or who otherwise had problems, could count on his woman, his romantic partner, his wife or his girlfriend, to stand by his side. Women always find a reason to move on to something better, to greener pastures. That is, amateur women do that. It’s how they are wired. This is the nature of women as free agents.

When you instead go out with one of our lovely Las Vegas escorts, you are getting an entirely different experience. Our professional entertainers aren’t out to see what they can get from you. They know already what they are getting from you. The interaction is strictly a financial transaction. You pay to book their time, and in return, you get that time. They know that while you have booked them, they are going to focus on you completely. How many times have you gone on a date with a woman only to find she was distracted by her friends, by her life, by her phone? How many dates have you been on where it was clear the young woman, even if she was attractive, had no intention of making a connection with you? If you think women don’t use men to get free meals in nice restaurants, or to have an excuse to dress up and go see a show now and then, you are kidding yourself. How much baggage are you willing to absorb from a “real” woman before you move on to a professional entertainer? Because that may be the single greatest advantage that all of our girls have over amateur, non-professional women: They leave their baggage at the door before they come out to meet you.

When you date an amateur, non-professional girl, all her problems become yours the moment you start to date her. You really have no choice in the matter. Either you are sufficiently attentive to her complaining to continue receiving her attentions, or she will simply call a halt to the whole thing and you will be out the time and money and effort you’ve spent trying to get close to her up to that point. Dating a girl who is not a professional is basically signing up for all her family drama, all her personal issues, all her craziness, and all her unpleasantness. There’s a good reason that the famous pop song, “Dear Future Husband,” is all about how a man has to be willing to put up with his woman even when she’s miserable to him. The lyrics preach that he’s always wrong, even when he’s right, and basically, for the sake of being with that woman, he’s got to suck up a never ending stream of abuse from her. Is that what you want from your romantic life? Well, that’s what you’ve gotten up until now, isn’t it?

Going out with one of our incredibly beautiful escorts is something else entirely. Each and every one of our girls knows that her problems are not yours. They are never to be brought into her booking and she will never bring them up to you. She won’t answer personal questions about herself if they probe too deeply, not for her protection, but for yours. You see, as long as you aren’t having these issues inflicted on you, you never have to worry about them. How much of a relief would that be, knowing that you’ll never have to deal with that or put up with it? How great is it to know that the woman you are with is there simply to please you? This is an experience almost no man has if he is with ordinary, amateur women. It is the rare gem of a woman who knows how to treat her man well, respect him, shower him with kindness and affection, and never expect him to solve her problems. But this is what you get with our Las Vegas escorts. They know how to respect you, they know how to conduct themselves, they will respect your privacy, and they will always behave professionally. That professionalism is what makes every difference in the world.

Please let us be crystal clear on this point: Each and every one of our ladies is a professional entertainer. We provide our girls with training and we constantly reinforce to them how important it is to conduct themselves per the guidelines that we have put in place. This not only ensures a good experience on your part, but it also ensures that the experience you do have will be just as good the tenth time as it was the first time. Quality control is essential to doing good business, and that is just what we do. We control our quality in order to bring home the benefits to you. Those benefits include, but are not limited to, girls who will never attach strings to their interaction with you. Every guy can tell horror stories from his dating life about girls who got clingy or went psycho after the man tried to break up with them. Some men will tell you terrible tales of relationships that should have been going well… except that the woman was smothering them and controlling them. Have you ever heard the term “kitchen pass?” That refers to whether your spouse or girlfriend will “let you” go and do something you want to do. What sort of world do we live in when a man has to ask permission of his wife or girlfriend to spend time with his friends, go engage in a sport that he likes (or likes to watch), or do anything else on his own? When did being with a woman become license for her to control you, body and soul?

A man who controlled a woman as completely as women control men in traditional relationships would be reviled as a monster. He would be accused of emotional abuse. Yet a woman can treat a man like that as much as she wants and we just smile and nod while the nation’s stand-up comedians joke about how little control men have over their own lives when they are with a woman. Stop letting women boss you around. Stop letting the women in your life control you. Take back your masculinity and enjoy the company of a beautiful woman who knows her place is to make you happy. She will not criticize you. She will not control you. She won’t expect anything of you, and she certainly won’t inflict a lot of obligations on you. As our client, your only job is to be respectful of our ladies as the professional entertainers that they are. Well, no, that’s not true: You don’t just have one job. Your second job is the more important one, and that is, you must enjoy yourself. That’s what we ask of you, and that’s what we exist to provide. We want you to enjoy yourself to the fullest, and to come back to us ready to repeat the experience again and again. Let us improve your romantic life by letting you take it back on your terms. Would you like to be in charge for once? Would you like to be calling the shots? Would you like it to be her job, not yours, to make sure things go well? Would you like to cast off once and for all the stress and pressure that you associate with traditional, conventional dating, and instead simply look forward to how much fun it’s going to be to go out with one of our lovely ladies? We thought you might… and when you are ready to take the plunge, you need look no farther than our website.

So Much Better Than Las Vegas Strippers

What is it that Vegas is most known for besides gambling? Gambling may be what built this town, but the fact is, when people think of Las Vegas, they think of two things. One of those things is definitely the casinos that helped make this incredible city what it is today. But the other is our girls. Las Vegas is a city of showgirls and models, of strippers and escorts, of hookers and everything else in between. Las Vegas has legal brothels that are famous the world over. Las Vegas has a nightlife that never ends. Las Vegas has it all. You can have the adventure of a lifetime here, and you can also lose everything. You can be up one minute and down the next. You can ride the rollercoaster of this dynamic city and never really know if you are coming or going. But the Vegas experience pales when compared to the variety and the quality of the women that can be yours to experience when you book with us. Our girls are so much better than the everyday. They are the top quality, top shelf, and best in class… and they can be yours for the price of booking their time. What could possibly be better than that? What could compare to it?

Now, you may be thinking that Las Vegas strippers are just as good. You may think you’ll come out here to Las Vegas and start sampling the nightlife and the day life here in the city by going to Las Vegas strippers’ shows and enjoying watching these girls. Well, sure, you can do that. We certainly encourage you to do so. There’s no reason you shouldn’t. But this will never be the same as booking the time of one of our sexy, gorgeous, desirable Las Vegas escorts, because Las Vegas strippers aren’t there to appreciate you or focus on you. They are there to be the center of attention and to draw all eyes to them from around the room, sure. They are exhibitionists. They are uninhibited and sexy, completely comfortable with their bodies. And oh what bodies they have! But this is not the same thing as a woman who is focused on you. This is not as good as having a lady who is totally devoted to making sure you have a good time. A Las Vegas stripper cannot care about you individually, nor is it her job to make sure you, specifically you, go home happy. That’s not what she does. She is a crowd pleaser. From far away, she entertains everyone, and as long as she holds the attention of most of the people there, she’s happy.

Not only do we hold our girls to a higher standard than that, but their jobs are much more specific. A Las Vegas stripper is an entertainer, to be sure, but she’s a general entertainer. She entertains crowds. She pleases everybody to a low degree. A Las Vegas escort pleases one person to a high degree, because that’s her job. She has the latitude and the leeway to focus on you and therefore she can make sure you, personally, are taken care of. Her job is an individual job. We are a service business in a service industry, and the service we provide is one that is unparalleled in the city. Don’t you think you deserve to experience the difference? Why be content, why be satisfied, with less? You deserve the best. You deserve our sexiest most incredible Las Vegas escorts for the duration that you want and need, every single time. We will not only give you a great experience when you book with us, but will see to it that this experience is consistently good. That consistency is what matters because, honestly, anyone can get it right a few times. Even a poor agency can get lucky and hook you up with someone who will show you a great night out or a better night in. But to be a truly great escort service, you have to be able to do this each and every time. If we cannot convert you, our client, into a repeat client, then we have failed, and we believe that failure really is not an option.

Are you ready for the difference that we provide? Are you ready for the unique experience of female companionship in a way that far excels any that you have previously had? We think so. Are you going to take the plunge, browse through our pages of girls, and pick the one who most delights you? We hope you will. It all comes down to the fact that as much as we would like to be able to take the first step on your behalf, we can’t. You have to contact us and let us know that you would like to get the process rolling. We can only facilitate what we think is in your best interests. We can only make sure that you know all the great benefits we have to offer you. We will keep you fully informed of the services we provide and we will bend over backwards to make sure you get everything you paid for and more. That’s because we believe in giving you good value for your money. Our business is built on integrity and honesty, which means you are the one who matters. We put the client first in all things. Your satisfaction is our key motivating factor and this will always be true no matter how many years we stay in business.

We are a fixture in the Las Vegas community for good reason. That’s because we are a premier escort service built on trust, integrity, value, and professionalism. You can always count on us to give good service, but also to protect your privacy and to treat you with respect. These are qualities anyone should be able to appreciate, but they are the qualities our discerning clients value most. We emphasize what is needed and we discard what is not. We engage in a continuous process of improvement. We are unlike any service you have used before, even if you are an old hand at hiring Las Vegas escorts. Isn’t it time you tried the difference? Isn’t it time you finally experienced what you have been missing? We definitely think so… and so will you when you finally contact us. Please don’t wait any longer. Don’t delay anymore. Contact us right now. Our lovely girls are waiting to be with you.

Complete Confidentiality, Discretion, and Privacy is Our Specialty

One of the things you can absolutely count on when you work with us is that everything concerning you and your date is absolutely confidential. You will never find yourself on some spammer’s mailing list after doing business with us, and you need never fear that the details of your use of our service will become public. We are very discreet and we hold our customer’s privacy in the strictest possible conditions. In our opinion, there simply is no other way to do business. Our commitment to customer service is so strong that there is no request we will not at least consider. All that we ask is that you communicate to us your special requirements, needs, hopes, and requests so that we can let you know what is possible and what is not. Again, anything you tell us will not be shared with anyone else. But we have found that the earlier a client communicates with us, and the more completely, the better able we are to address any and all special requirements and requests.

It is without a doubt a guarantee on our part that your time with your Las Vegas escort is totally confidential. Everything about our service is totally above board and legal, of course, and we always conduct ourselves in strict accordance with all applicable rules, laws, and regulations… but that’s not really the point, is it? No, the reason we keep your booking with us completely and totally confidential is because we understand how little true privacy people have in the modern worlds. More and more, everything about our lives seems open to invasion. When you go out to eat dinner, it’s not at all uncommon to see entire tables of people looking at their phones, updating their friends and family and strangers across the Internet about the most intimate and mundane details of their lives. We volunteer all this information and then we wonder where our privacy went. We live in the public square of the Internet and then we complain that we have no discretion. Well, when you come to, the difference is that we still understand why privacy is important. We still live by the standard that says what you do and who you date is entirely your business. We always protect your privacy. It is part of our guarantee of great client service to you.

A famous author once wrote a book about a horrible future where the government and your fellow citizens were spying on you every minute of every day. You would have a hard time arguing that this is not the world we live in. When you date an amateur, non-professional girl, there is a good chance she will betray you. A few years back there was an explosion in dating tattletale sites, where girls would go online and tell other girls not to date certain men. They would list the men’s full names and they would trash talk them, and because most sites enjoy legal indemnity from third party content, there was very little anyone could do about having anonymous hate posted about them online. Some of these details were false. Some of these details were true and revealed very private information about the men concerned. The popularity of those sites seems to have waned since then, but they still happen. If you think somebody somewhere isn’t talking about you on the Internet generally and on social media specifically, you might just be mistaken. You can avoid all this hassle when you book with us because we go out of our way to protect your privacy. We will never betray your trust in us. This is why we respect you so much. We would never let your privacy and confidentiality be violated for any reason.

Some very rich men have learned the hard way that amateur girls cannot be trusted to protect their privacy. This is why a Las Vegas escort is such an advantage to both your personal and romantic lives.Your Las Vegas escort is a professional entertainer who understands that her ability to retain you as a repeat client is tied to her ability to maintain complete confidentiality and discretion.She will never disclose the details of your date to anyone else. She won’t discuss it with her girlfriends; she won’t discuss it with her fellow staff members here; and she won’t discuss it with any third party. Likewise, the details of your booking, your financial information, and everything else about your time with us is held in the strictest confidentiality from the first time you contact us and every time you step out on the town with one of our lovely ladies.We will also safeguard your billing information, so you don’t ever have to worry about getting junk mail or spam or phone calls you don’t want. We wouldn’t do that to you!

Most importantly, your booking with us will never, ever become public knowledge. Everything that goes on between you and your lovely Las Vegas escort is entirely your business. Your privacy is our first and last concern. This is because we know that to enjoy your booking to the fullest, you have to be able to count on the discretion of both us and your young lady. You cannot relax and have fun if you are worried about privacy. We take that concern off you and discard it completely. We will make you feel safe and protected. You can be comfortable with us, and you can be yourself with your Las Vegas escort. And what man can truly say he was himself when he was out with a beautiful girl? It’s not easy, but we make it look that way. You don’t have to worry about impressing your Las Vegas escort. It’s not a test you have to pass, unlike with traditional dating. When you date one of our girls you are free to enjoy yourself and only that. You don’t have to have any concerns for anything else. This is why we are such a great service. It’s why we are so proud of how we conduct ourselves, how our girls conduct themselves, and how our clients keep coming back. We will show you what it means to build a business relationship. We will welcome you into the ranks of our loyal clients. We will show you again and again that we continue to be worthy of you. That’s what it’s all about: That continued worthiness is the cornerstone of everything we are trying to accomplish here. It’s the hallmark of how we do business, and it’s why we stand on integrity and honesty in all things.

Let our Las Vegas escorts put you first. Let our girls show you the incredible experience that is stepping out on the town, or spending some quiet time, with some of the hottest girls in the city. They are friendly, they are eager, they are happy to help you, and they want you to be pleased. You will never have a better date than one you have when you book one of our Las Vegas escorts. Las Vegas strippers and the Las Vegas Backpage cannot hope to compare. We are your premier escort site for a good reason. Call us today. Don’t waste another minute of your life. Call today!